Mission Action Plan

Short Term Plan (6 months – 1 year): Directory Delivery

We plan to provide a directory that signposts where to go to get basic help for members and parishes/benefices. This directory will tackle many issues such as fundraising, attaining carbon net zero by 2030, growing our children and family ministry, administration etc. We have used answers from the Deanery survey to enable struggling parishes/benefices to connect with parishes/benefices who have had experience and successes with relevant projects.


Medium Term Plan (18 months – 24 months): Training/Equipping Days

We plan to offer training sessions that are relevant to the Deanery with the aim of equipping and enabling parishes/benefices. 


Long Term Plan (3 years – 5 years): Appointment of a Deanery Family Support Worker (FSW)

This plan is outward-facing and is a mission opportunity for our churches to work together. It’s a project initiative to bless the residents of the Deanery. The Deanery Synod agreed to have a discussion in 2024 titled: What can a family support worker do for us? We plan to invite speakers and carry out detailed research to discern the cost of appointing an FSW for a five-year period and what grants and funding might be available.