Chichester Deanery

Anna Chaplaincy

Offering spiritual care in later life: Charity number 1172058 

Marriott HouseOne of our services at a local Care Home, Marriott House, Chichester.


Chichester Anna Chaplaincy has been up and running since July 2017. We lead services and contact and visit older 


residents in Care Home and in their own homes. We have kept going despite Lockdowns and visiting restrictions, 


We are a spiritual befriending service for older people, their families and carers 


We do not try to convert anyone nor do we exclude anybody, but seek to meet people where they are. 


We go where we are wanted, and work to help people find peace with themselves, others and with God.


We pay particular attention to those who are immobile, confined to rooms, or living with dementia; and also those who have no visiting relatives or friends. 

 We have 20 active trained volunteers whom we call Anna Friends and since August 2020 we have made 1162 visits to 128 residents, most of them being return and regular visits - we even write and send cards and letters


We comfort the bereaved and the confused, alleviate the loneliness of the unloved, and support harassed and stressed staff. 


We can sit and chat but also can – and often do - discuss important end of life and personal issues.


We need more volunteers, and offer training. You may be the person we need, we may be the outlet you seek.


Contact with us is via David Cooke on 07847 501 359 or email us: